Since 2009, the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study has been

investigating how the influence of environmental contaminants

might affect the health of pregnant women and their children. With

the help of our valued study participants, we have made great

strides in identifying environmental risks that could impact the

health of you and your child in the future. We have had the

pleasure of enrolling and getting to know all of our study

participants over the years and we hope we can provide helpful

information to protect you and your child's long-term health and

wellbeing. This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our

study! Your participation in our study has contributed to

groundbreaking discoveries in children's environmental health

research. This year Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire signed a

bill that limits the acceptable amounts of arsenic in the state's

public drinking water systems. This decision was greatly influenced

by our research which would not have been possible without

everyone in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study family!

Hello, Meet Our Team
Margaret Karagas, PhD 

Principal Investigator 

Carolyn Murray, MD, MPH

Director, Community Outreach and Translation Core 

Jennifer Egner

Regional Manager

Aimee Johnson

Project Coordinator

Lauren Koutavas

Research Assistant

Juliette Madan, MD, MS
Emily Baker, MD

Obstetrical Clinical Director

Pediatric Clinical Director

Amy DeSantis

Project Director

Vicki Sayarath

Research Director 

Joan Robie-Dieter

Project Coordinator

Anne Zahn 

Project Coordinator

Kara Morris

Project Coordinator

Danielle Waite

Project Coordinator

Katie Aman

Research Assistant

Andrea McKinney

Research Nurse

Jessica Skelton

Research Nurse