10 Years


Celebrating the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study's 10 Year Anniversary!

Since 2009, the New Hampshire Birth Cohort study has been investigating how the influence of environmental contaminants might affect the health of pregnant women and their children. With the help of our valued study participants we have made great strides in identifying environmental risks that could impact the health of you and your child in the future. We have had the pleasure of enrolling and getting to know all of our study participants over the years and we hope we can provide helpful information to protect you and your child's long-term health and wellbeing. This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our study! Your participation in our study has contributed to groundbreaking discoveries in children's environmental health research. This year Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire signed a bill that limits the acceptable amounts of arsenic in the state's public drinking water systems. This decision was greatly influenced by our research which would not have been possible without everyone in the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study family!

2019: NH becomes the 2nd state in the US to lower the limit of arsenic in municipal drinking water systems to 5 parts per billion. 2000th participant becomes enrolled in study!

2018: NH proposes legislation based on Dartmouth research to lower arsenic in municipal drinking water to 5 parts per billion

2017: First in-person visits for 3 and 7 year olds begins. Exposome wristband introduced into study to measure and assess environmental chemicals

2016: Indoor air monitoring pilot project begins with newly enrolled mothers

2015: Children of 5 years of age invited for in-person evaluation of growth and development 

2014: Study expands its research to examine effects of early life exposure to arsenic on immunity and the infant intestinal microbiome 

2013: 1000 participants enrolled in study

2012: Study investigators lead emerging research on dietary sources of arsenic in food products

2011: First group of participants at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon are enrolled. 

2010: The Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Center at Dartmouth is established to follow the babies and children enrolled mothers 

2009: First group of participants enrolled in Concord

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